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My expertise comes about after an extensive 30 year career in Business and Education. I have owned and built an enterprise from start-up to 30 million, has a network of over 2500 and is passionate about your why.

"Be tenacious, but be organised. Know the process, be passionate, and know your why. Always be open to advice from the right people."

Ever feel overwhelmed with your education options as a business owner?

Can't make sense of the different finance & funding options available to you?

Struggling to get through all the tasks done in a day as a business owner?

How do you find great staff?

If this resonates with you, it did for me too over the last 20 years - thankfully I've learnt a few things and can help you too!

Years a Business Owner
Annual client base growth
Years finance experience
Annual turnover growth
(3 consecutive years)
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